Exporting IBM Filenet P8 query results to excel (english)

I’ve been working with IBM Filenet for a few years now, and although i’m a great fan, there are some really big shortcomings with its basic management tools such as the FEM (Filenet Enterprise Manager) or the ACCE.

One of them is the ability to – directly export CE-query results to an excel file, which can be useful when performing ad-hoc analysis. Of course there is the option to export to a comma- or tab separated plain text file. But, as it seems a lot of content happens to contain commas or tabs as well, which makes the functionality completely useless :).

So, thank god for the Java api.

I recently made this simple command-line tool, that allows you to export the results of a simple CE query to excel, using java and Apache Poi. It performs at lightspeed compared to the FEM-csv export and requires minimal configuration. Yet, i must say – its no rocketscience, anyone could have made it-.

Download: Binary with required libraries. *
Download: Source (java) – Please share any any improvements:)

* may not contain the correct version of jace.jar depending on your system.


  1. Unzip the jar
  2. Specify your connection information in the connection.properties file.
  3. Start via the commandline “java -jar P8ToXLS.jar”
  4. Provide your username & password
  5. Paste or type the query. (An empty line is considered “next”)
  6. Type a name for the output file (e.g. “output.xls”)
  7. Wait until done 🙂


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