Content Navigator Eclipse Plugin for NEON and Oxygen

Edit: As commented on by Calvin, IBM now has a github containing the up-to-date code with instructions on compiling it for NEON or Oxygen, please refer to .

I’m not quite sure why there isn’t a NEON version for the eclipse plugin’s yet, but in an effort to answer a question on stackoverflow i decided to see if there were possibilities to recompile the plugin-project for NEON.

It turned out that the reason the plugin doesn’t work for neon is due to a typo in the plugin’s manifest. Here’s what i posted on stackoverflow:

Steps to get it to work with Eclipse neon:

  1. Download the 203 version of the plugin;
  2. In eclipse: file->new->”Plug-in from Existing JAR-Archives”
  3. Choose to include (into the plugin) the .jar file you’ve just downloaded
  4. For the newly created project, fill in the blanks / choose the defaults
  5. Replace the contents of the generated MANIFEST.MF with the contents of the jar’s original MANIFEST.MF
  6. Notice that one of the dependencies/version cannot be resolved (org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.core) remove it, then add choose add to include the current version
  7. Export the project as “Deployable plug-ins and fragments” to a folder
  8. The folder contains your updated .jar file that goes into your eclipse/plugins directory


The resulting plugin can be found here,(tested on NEON 1, reported not to work on NEON 3) . Alternatively i have one for Oxygen here (tested on Oxygen 2) as well.Just place it in your eclipse/plugins folder, and you’re all set!

Note that i’m not quite sure if i’m allowed to redistribute this software, but i couldn’t find any license information anywhere. Besides, no code was added/modified and the original plugin was distributed freely into the open:). Maybe IBM could share this code on their github?

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