Bootstrap grid system for use in Content Navigator / Case Manager (DoJo)

Having seen a more than a few IBM Content Navigator / Case Manager customization’s, i noticed almost every solution i encountered has responsiveness problems. Now, while it might be the result of the team composition (focus on backend development), i personally think it’s due to DoJo, lacking a nice layout framework, such as the grid system i love from Bootstrap.

Now, after googling a bit i finally came across flexboxgrid. A pure CSS system relying on the flex display property, that compared to other grid frameworks i came across doesn’t collide with any of the existing DoJo or ecm css/javascript.

Want to use it? Simply add the flexboxgrid.css to a ICN plugin, and you’re ready!




2 thoughts on “Bootstrap grid system for use in Content Navigator / Case Manager (DoJo)

    1. Hi Sachin, apologies for the late reply, i totally missed the notification.

      Anyway, you can use your plugin-css file to reference other css files with the @import statement. The @import should be on top of the css file to work.

      For example:

      @import url(“flexboxgrid.css”);

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