Automatically accept certificates using the wsadmin.bat/sh

Today i’ve been trying to execute jython to manage my websphere from java. By utilizing the “” class i was hoping to be able to execute java using only the thick-client and jython libraries on my classpath.

Did not quite get there, but did catch something else – a simple way to automatically accept self-signed certificates, by leveraging websphere’s signer auto-exchange prompt . When set to stdin, you can just echo y to answer adding the certificate.

echo y | "${wsadmin.dir}\wsadmin.bat" -javaoption="" -conntype SOAP -host ${host} -port ${port} -user ${user} -password ${password} -lang jython -f "${scriptfile}"

Alternatively you might also go for a more explicit/controlled approach mentioned on

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  1. Hi Ivo,

    Do you have any idea on how to sort folders using custom properties when accessing browse feature in icn . I tried sorting using request and response filter but sorting for custom properties only works on documents and not folders. Can u suggest some approach to achieve this.

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