On an adventurous holiday

Although I’ve got so many things i want to write about, i’m currently spending my holiday in Norway :D.

A day under the ice

However as my personal list of to-write’s is growing, i figured i should note them additionally providing you a list of what’s to come 🙂

So on my todo-lilst are the following subjects:

  1. A detailed description on how i managed to create a Watson/Filenet P8 crawler plugin for 100% findability of documents and (IBM Case Manager) cases using their ‘context’.
  2. Write about frequent IBM Content Navigator customizations.
  3. Write about my novel prototype for automatic ‘BPF to IBM Case Manager’ migration.
  4. Write about my plans & perhaps execute to build an ant-farm (i think it will be loads of fun to create one!)
  5. Write about mygraphic generator for isometric tiles, including slope-tiles.
  6. Write about the game i’m creating that will be using the isometric tile generator:)
  7. Share some of my philosophical thoughts on the near future of our species.


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