Generating isometric tiles and slopes

A few weeks ago i decided  to sort out the old harddrives that i’d been storing in my garage for a few years now. Some of them were at least 15 years old, and i was amazed that only one lost functionality. Anyway, while digging through the data (preserving old photos, code and documents on my novel nas), i came across a prototype of a web-based game i once made.

While not bothering you about the game (i’m actually thinking of picking up where i left it ;)). My prototype code included code to transform any 2d(square) tile, to isometric tiles, including slopes.

As i remember, the pain it was to find isometric tiles, i figured to share it with you. In the below iframe you’ll find the servlet version of the code. Just input any image file (width&height should be equal) below 500kb, and it’ll generate an isometric tileset for you.

Note: I think some improvements can still be made. I’ll probably update the tool as i start picking up the old project 🙂

For example, inputting the following:


Will result in a zip containg the isometric tile (128*64) including all slopes and a sample:



Oldschool right?

p.s. i’d be more than happy to know, if this actually helped someone on their hobby project. Feel free to reach out 🙂


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