Adjusting/Overriding IBM Content Navigator front-end labels and captions.

Although all my clients have requirements to update or change OOTB labels used in Case Manager, i wasn’t able to find a best practice to do so. So i decided to look for it on my own.

As it turns out all labels are stored in localized files located at “navigator.ear\navigator.war\ecm\nls\”. Obviously one way would be to directly change these files, but that would be just a bad idea.

The localized messages will eventually be loaded in the ecm/Messages namespace when loading the ICN libraries (.navigator/ecm/nls/ecm_en.js). Knowing this, i believe it to be a good suggestion to use the following code to override OOTB messages in a non-invasive fashion.


	Messages.launchbar_browse="Open the browser!:)";


The code would be best loaded via the bootstrap of a plugin that is the first plugin te be loaded. (See the “move up” button in your ?desktop=admin/plugins)

Additional info: A list of all Messages you might want to override.

4 thoughts on “Adjusting/Overriding IBM Content Navigator front-end labels and captions.

  1. Hi . Can you suggest how to change text for Content List actions like Add Document, New Folder and Refresh labels. I tried to set for above actions but it didnt work

    1. Hi Amit,

      Indeed, it seems that those button can’t be overriden using the method in the post. The label of the button is actually provided by a java class.

      The first way i can think of is by creating your own PluginAction and implement the

      public String getName(Locale locale) {
      return “My alternative label”;

      In the button’s implementation, simply connect to the corresponding action method as listed in

      ecm.model.desktop.getActionsHandler().actionCheckOut(repository, items, callback, teamspace, resultSet, parameterMap, action)

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