Wiring tab-layout open/close/.. events (freeform design ICM 5.3)

Case Manager 5.3. introduced the free-form page-layout, a feature two of my clients have been longing to for a long time. In fact, one of my clients had their own tab-container implementation written almost two years ago.

Anyway, while the free-form page-layout and newly introduced tab-container are one of the most cheered-at new features, it turned out both clients had a set of custom widgets that needed manual refreshing, preferably when the corresponding tab was clicked (the tab was re-opened if you will).

In order to achieve this, i created a ‘adapter widget’ that can be placed within a tab to detect the following events:

  • The tab was opened,
  • The tab was closed,
  • The tab same tab was opened again (refreshed)
  • The tab was created.

The events then can be wired to other widgets / script adapters.

This adapter both works for the new freeform layout tab’s, as well as the page-tabs.


You can download the pre-compiled widget-package here. The source can be downloaded here. All under MIT license.

Widget package tested under 5.2 (for use in page-tabs), 5.3 and 5.3.1.


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